Your Idea

We analyze your business and technological needs, discuss them and deliver a POC, prototype or MVP that will be a direct answer to challenges you’re facing.

Thorough project’s analysis.


Agile Driven

We deliver the projects using Scrum methodology. Your team will be up to date with the project’s development cycles with the ability to make requirements changes on the fly.

Flexible and fully controllable development phase.



Your project will be perfectly designed, optimised and ready to deliver the user engagement, generate targeted ROI and shock your competitors.

Project’s delivery and launch at it’s finest.

Online shop

web application

GAMIVO.com is a gaming & software marketplace.

The challenge was to deliver an outstanding user experience for both buyers and sellers. It's complex enterprise search engine delivers results in no time, allowing users to find exactly what they're looking for.

GAMIVO.com delivers easy to use panels for all users, ensuring quick and safe transactions. Users can benefit from great affiliate programs and very efficient online support system.

geekforce team has designed and developed each aspect of the marketplace from scratch.


Hotel App

mobile application

Mobile app industry is constantly growing and surpassing everybody's expectations. geekforce has helped many businesses with this aspect of their user engagement strategy.

Creativity is a key to make user experience the way it should be.

One of our clients realised that by letting us build a hotel app which allows to control light condition in the hotel rooms, communication with the room service by both video and audio and presentation of special offers available for customers during their stay.

Hotel App

Mixed Reality

virtual reality

geekforce team has worked on an advanced Mixed Reality system that supports hand gesture recognition based on convolutional neural networks.

The system is modular and adaptable to support various cameras (stereo, RGB with depth cameras) and various hardware. As a result the neural network system has been trained to recognise many hand gestures, e.g. swipe, pull, push, draw a circle, grab etc.

The project is a response to Microsoft's Hololens system.


Intelligent Robot

robotic architecture

geekforce's R&D team specialises in AI, signal processing and machine learning, among others.

We're a part of the team working on complex household robot. The robot is mobile, equipped with an arm and dexterous manipulator. It's job is to plan and execute tasks based on visual information, using LIDAR, RGB-D and image sensors.

We designed software that supports the recognition of objects, movement and execution of various activities.



What our customers are saying.

As one of the leaders of the lead generation companies we’re always working on optimisation of our software.

geekforce has opened up our eyes to new ways of making those optimizations way more successful. Our new data acquisitions processes were fully automated thanks to new technologies brought by their wonderful team.

We’ll surely keep working on it together in the future!

Piotr Zaniewicz

RightHello CEO

Piotr Zaniewicz, RightHello CEO

We’ve worked together for a few years already. I’m highly thankful for their initial engagement, making our own dev teams feeling welcomed, working together as one.

Regardless of our - sometimes radical - working expectations, geekforce has always delivered a team of skillful individuals, including architects, backend & frontend developers and sys admins.

I’m mostly full of praise for their choice of technology, thanks to that our projects has always been up to date!

Arkadiusz Seńko

RedSky CEO

Arkadiusz Seńko, RedSky CEO
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